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Hi, I'm Maxime

Let me briefly introduce myself.

Quite chaotic, a bit obsessive and I can certainly exaggerate.
I'm more of the 'last minute' than of the 'right on time' but that seems to work fine so far.

I collect what my family considers 'junk' but I invariably refer to as 'things that I might be able to do something with later'.

All my employees are dogs, which is very nice.

I have many opinions and they all really boil down to the fact that life makes no sense.

The creative side of my business is really my thing, for everything else I'm still learning.

I have a big dream and am willing to work incredibly hard for this and I am aware that this is not possible without you, so thank you a thousand times for your support and trust.

'Maxime Thys' the brand

is a way for me to express myself.

With a master's degree in liberal arts, a passion for fashion, full of motivation, a little daring and above all a big dream in my pocket, I decided to take the plunge (often 2 forwards and then 1 back) and start my own business and brand.

This brand is a way for me  to start a conversation about surprises, disappointments, dislikes and much more, but in a relativized and slightly humorous (in my opinion anyway) way.

I find my inspiration in the faces and the world around me, sometimes in its beautiful moments and sometimes in its ugly sides.

I work in my business as I stand in life: with a smile and a tear.

How do I proceed?

Each collection starts from a theme, a subject, an atmosphere: what message do I want to convey and how?

Then I get to work. I create a mood board, a sketch or a sentence that becomes the basis of the collection. Once I know in general what direction I want to go, the fun part begins: making the pieces.

If you like to follow this making process, you should definitely take a look at my instagram page , where I share a lot of behind the scenes moments.

Once the collection is ready, I set a date on which I 'drop' this collection on the website. If you want to be informed about this you can subscribe to my newsletter . Since all pieces here are either one of a kind (read: only 1 piece available in the whole wide world) or are part of a limited edition collection, sales can go quite fast. If you have seen a piece that you definitely want to have, you should therefore be there on time.

If you still have a question or comment or if you are interested in a collaboration, you can always contact me here . If you prefer to send an email, you can do so via

I hope you enjoy this brand as much as I do.

Past events

May 2021: I appeared in an article in the Morgen magazine.

April 2022 : I was asked to hold a stand at the fair fashion market of Fair fashion fest in Ghent.

May 2022 : in collaboration with NoBabesAgency I participated in a fashion show for sorrynotsorry festival in Ghent.

Maxim Thys
Dam 94C
9080 Lochristi
VAT BE 0742.785.715