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With a smile and a tear

With a smile and a tear

With a smile and a tear.

A collection about black and white thinking.

I came across an article: 

Black and white thinking is when you believe your own story is the only truth. You have no room for anyone else's thought or anyone else's opinion. Your opinion counts and that is the only truth. Someone else's thoughts or opinions don't count'

And went to work with that, this was going to be the subject of the new collection.

the new collection thinks about black and white

The lack of any nuance between that - it's black or it's white - thinking creates a gulf between people.

But there is also gray between black and white.

If we try to empathize with that gray more often and try to understand the world of someone else, the world could be a bit more beautiful.

So of course I started this collection from black and white, but gradually some color comes squeaking in between that black and white.
With lyrics like
'the more souls, the more vice' and
'I can face the world with my eyes closed'
this collection gives you a chance to communicate without even speaking.
And that message? It indicates that things have to change.

The collection consists of some unique sweatshirts and t-shirts.